“KWSe Serves Tourists from Overseas with The Spirit of Warm Hospitality”

KWSe is organized by the senior supporters completing KWSe Guide Training Course sponsored by Kyoto Prefectural Active Senior Association. We serve the guide to overseas sightseeing tourists visiting Kyoto with the spirit of warm Hospitality and the guiding skill so that the tourists can more enjoy the authentic Kyoto sightseeing. We are doing the best to implement this activity continuously and more efficiently.

[About Us]

KWSe (Kyoto Welcome Supporter English) was formed by the people who completed the official guide seminar to support those who would have visited Kyoto at the time of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics 2020. All members are senior volunteers who have had a lot of life experiences in Kyoto, well knowledgeable about Kyoto and like to talk to visitors all about Kyoto.

[What We Have Been Doing]

We are supporting visitors with questions such as where to go or where the ATMs are, and other things at the heart of the town or key stations in the City of Kyoto. And we also sometimes support foreign visitors at the request of The City Hall and Police Stations.

[New Activity]

We will soon open a person-to-person guide activity. Please contact us for anything you want to do in Kyoto, and feel free to drop your request through this Website.

[What Is the City of Kyoto?]

Kyoto was the capital of Japan where the Emperors had lived for over 1200 years until the capital function was moved to Tokyo about 150 years ago. There are many World Heritage Sites and you can visit and enjoy them. And also we hope you will explore our local authentic cultures yourself. 

Enjoy Kyoto with KWSe !