We, KWSe start our guide service on 10th of January, 2023, Japanese

Government having eased entry restrictions for the foreign tourists.

Our guide activities are available and we would like to provide you with

our very best service in response to your need as much as possible.

For our service to tourists, we have two options below.

1) Contact Us

We would appreciate it if you could make your request and/or let us know your

opinions on the following questions.

●What sort of matters would you like to most experience and/or explore while

visiting Kyoto?

□ sight-seeing place    □ culture    □ food    □ shopping    □ any others

●Please fill out the “Message (or Inquiry)” field , or just click the “Contact Us” Page below.

2) Request Guide

For the details of our guide request, please refer to the “Guide Request Form_v7” attached.

How to Submit “Guide Request Form”:

① Download “Guide Request Form_v7”.

② Fill out and complete the “Guide Request Form_v7” and be sure to read “Note” carefully.

③ Then Just click the “Submit Guide Request Form” Page below.

④ On the “Submit Guide Request Form” Page. By Drag-and-Drop, upload your completed “Guide Request Form”, after you have filled in the required items on the Page.

⑤ Make sure to click “□Please Check if you can agree to the content of Guide Request Form”.

⑥ Click to Submit.