Gio-ji is a modest thatched hut surrounded by a bamboo grove and maple trees. It is known as a convent of tragic love, which appears in “The Tale of Heike”. In the story, a dancer, Gio fled from their home to this temple with her mother and sister to become nuns. And then her rival in love (Hotoke-Gozen) came to this temple and spent her life with them.After the death of warlord Kiyomori whom they loved, they erected the stone monument for him on their hillside retreat.  And when they died, their remains were laid to rest next to it.  Gio-ji Temple consists of a small thatch-roofed hut surrounded by maples and bamboo trees, and a garden covered with moss.  The hut has only two rooms.  The moss is green and very beautiful all year round, and the autumn leaves are also wonderful.  There is a large round window called “Yoshino window” and also called the “rainbow window” because the sunlight shining through the green leaves in the precincts, reflects the colorful colors on the screen.