Nonomiya Shrine was built in the Heian period, about 1,200 years ago. This was the place where Imperial princesses called “Saiou” purified herselves to serve for Ise Jingu Shrine. So this is the holy place.  This is Kuroki torii gate, which is made of oak with bark and is an ancient torii gate style.  And this shrine is surrounded by Koshiba fence, made of spice bush. 

In addition, Nonomiya Shrine appears in “ the Tale of Genji”. So it is a very popular place.  “ The Tale of Genji”, written (in) around the 10th century by Murasaki Shikibu who served for the Empress, is said to be one of the oldest novels in the world.  The main character is Hikaru Genji, a high-ranking aristocrat.  Now, the deity is worshipped as a deity of marriage and easy birth.

This is a power spot, too!  This is called “Kame Ishi” or “Turtle Stone”. If you want to achieve something, you should pray for your wishes while stroking it. It is said your wish will come true within one year.