Let’s go out to enjoy Kyoto Imperial Palace and spring flower viewing.

The required time: About 3 hours from 9:20 to 12:30

For 2 hours, you will enjoy seeing cherry, plum and peach blossoms in Kyoto Imperial

Garden. For 1 hour, you will visit Kyoto Imperial Palace which was the residence of

the emperor.

Tour fee: Actual expenses

  (N.B.) You can share the tour fee with the members joining this tour.

Meeting time & date: April 2 (Sun.),2023 at 9:20

Meeting place: Subway Karasuma Line Imadegawa Station, Exit No.3 above-ground

Open to: Non-Japanese (up to ten people)

                Let’s have fun

Please reserve by March 30.

Sign-up: Akky Matsumoto(松本)/ Kyoto Welcome Supporter English (KWSe)

Email: akky.matsumoto@kwseweb.com

Mobile: 090-8237-7857


1) Our guide service will be conducted in English speaking and for a group of

max. ten (10) people. We will attend a group by two (2) guides for safety. 

2) Actual expenses have to be paid by guests.  

3) We intend to do our utmost to offer the best possible guidance, but please note that

    we do not guarantee a professional level of quality in our guidance. 

4) No Liability: 

4) – 1 Tourist activities may involve strenuous physical activities and other risks to

property or people. KWSe assumes no liability for injury, damage, or stolen

property during its activities. 

4) – 2 We will call off our guide service if a severe weather warning is issued by the local

meteorological agencies and/or when we can not guarantee safety in our guide

service due to unexpected bad weather.

4) – 3 We reserve the right to terminate our service at any point of the tour, if our guide

becomes sick or if it is judged to be difficult for us to continue our guide service

due to your inappropriate conduct.

We will accept your guide request on condition that you can thoroughly agree to

the above descriptions.

 Kyoto Welcome Supporter English (KWSe)

If you can agree to the above descriptions, please write “ We / I agree to your bylaws.” when you sign up.